About Me

In the second summer of high school, I had an opportunity to visit France and England with a bunch of other high school kids. We were probably rowdy, loud, and the typical Americans riding on too many tour buses, but that trip changed my life.  It became my gateway drug to travel and exploration. My traveling love affair a commencé. I loved the French culture, the language, the food… basically I loved everything. I thought to my teenage self, I ought to do that again.  In college, that love affair culminated into a study abroad in Paris – way out of my price range, and completely worth it.  Now , it is post graduation. I’ve decided to teach abroad for a year with elementary kids in the heart of Marseille. Before accepting the position I asked my grandmother, will I regret it if I decline? In all her wisdom she said, yes. That was it.

I’m excited and hopeful that this year will be one I always look back on fondly. That I can reminisce and say “back in my day” stories to the youngsters. But mostly, I hope I learn. Learn about the cultural differences and ethnic diversity that often goes unnoticed in this country. Learn proficiency in this language (and the whole necessary slew of slang words so I’m not left out). Learn about poverty, feminism, and socio-political contexts in a country beyond my own. Learn how to slow down and appreciate the little things. Learn how to stress less. Learn how to teach a bunch of rambunctious kids English with only a marginally small Texas influence y’all. Lastly, I hope I learn how to be a better person in this big world and continue to make a positive difference.

I made this blog with the aspiration of sharing these learnings with family and friends, so thanks for stopping by! ( If you’re here I’m assuming you’re one of them.) If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. How fabulous! I believe that my French teacher in high school was from Marseille. We read about a mouse, some fields and some castles…a very popular folktale, I believe. He should have shared these lovely photos and common life experiences, as you have. Although I am not a big fan of flying, I may want to make another European Trek to include France, Italy and Australia!! Continue to experience fully and share when you can. I’m really enjoying your blog. Love you, Aunt Donna.

  2. Monique,

    You are having some wonderful experiences and you are giving me some awesome vicarious experiences. We think of you often. Our minister and about ten people from our church were in your fair city last week and really enjoyed their time there. Soak it all in and enjoy everything…………………keep on writing about it………………….you are a very gifted writer. You paint very good word pictures. We miss you and love you very much. Betty and Jerry

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